Without further ADO and remorse present you with a selection of cars VAZ for Farming Simulator 2013. 60-tide years on the roads of the USSR drove Muscovites, Wolves, Cossacks, Victory, however, people do not have enough cars and the country's leadership decided to form a Volga automobile plant, capable of providing the entire country passenger cars. The first models of vases were created on the basis of Fiat and was developed by foreign experts. After many years of stagnation and not the most brilliant achievements of vases signed another deal with a foreign firm Renault-Nissan sold her 25% of the shares, thereby getting a lot of modern technologies and new nice design.

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I want to download VAZ for Farming Simulator 2013, you have got to address. This section contains the best modification of the domestic auto industry: VAZ 2115, 2121, 2106, 2101, and many others.