On the roads of Russia which only cars, trucks will not see, but most of the trucks on diesel are the trucks ZIL. This transport is very popular due to its reliability, efficiency and low payback period.

So Farming Simulator 2013 ZIL indispensable. Originally the truck was intended for military and was painted in khaki, but the model sold to the masses and the world saw familiar to us blue trucks, widely used in agriculture industry.

Specially for you we've compiled a nice detailed models ZIL, such as: ZIL 130, ZIL 130 MMZ, ZIL 130A, ZIL V. All models ZIL for Farming Simulator 2013 can be downloaded from our website absolutely free of charge and without registration. Enjoy your new ZIL, friends!
This section contains great collection, indispensable in the economy cars, trucks, SUVs ZIL. Choose and click download ZIL for Farming Simulator 2013, and you will have happiness.