BeamNG Drive Update 0.5.4

BeamNG Drive 0.5.4
Meet the new major update for BeamNG Drive - 0.5.4!

This update added a lot of new stuff to the game, including a new car, a new map, a significant improvements of the game physics, UI improvements, camera and FPS optimization. But let's start everything in order.

New car: Ibishu Miramar

New addition in the fleet of available cars in BeamNG Drive - Ibishu Miramar. This vehicle looks like a typical family sedan of 70-ies or 80-ies. Distinctive design and decor, coupled with traditional for BeamNG Drive attention to detail and quality of the model, creating a very pleasant impression of this new sedan. Watch this video where the Ibishu Miramar shown in all its glory. Can't wait to tear this beauty apart!

New map: Utah

Utah is an American state known for its scenic desert views and beautiful canyons. Just imagine all the possibilities that open up with such a landscape in BeamNG Drive! Not to mention how beautiful the new map is! Watch this video and see for yourself!

And some cool screenshots of the new map:

Scenic Utah dal!
Beauty Canyons

Technical improvements

The developers had overhauled the behavior of the physical core, which increased its productivity, on average 10-50% and also reduce the amount of memory required. Changes were made to CPU rendering as well. Which is quite a good news, since now the number of displayed frames per second will be much more stable. In addition, the reverse depth buffer has been added to the game, thereby to achieve a more than impressive results! Just watch the video and rate the effect. Not bad, isn't it?

In addition, it was added many minor fixes in the technical part of the game, improvements in support of various gaming devices and rendering of gaming performance, temperatures and damage.

New game camera

The camera's behavior in real time have been completely redesigned. Been added new modes, settings and calibration capability. Another video, for clarity:

These were the most significant changes of the 0.5.4 update. But, as usual, that's not all. Other changes we will give briefly.


  • Added skin BlastR to 200BX
BlastR to 200BX

  • Added Camo skin for the machines D-Series and H-Series
Camo for machines D-Series and H-Series

  • Added skin for Group4 Bolide
Group4 for Bolide

  • Added a white steel wheels and new kinds of turbocharger for trucks of T-Series
Steel wheels for T-Series

  • Added a Bullbar for D-Series, H-Series and Roamer
Bumper-bull bars for D-Series, H-Series and Roamer

  • Added a bug shield and front lip for D-Series
Bug shield and front lip for D-Series

  • Added the rally lights to Covet and ’88 Pessima
Covet ’88 Pessima

  • Added new custom offroad wheels.
New custom off-road wheels

Maps and scenarios

  • New physics of vegetation and bushes
  • Fixed many bugs on maps Jungle Rock Island and East Coast USA.

Interface improvements

  • Damage reports have become more visible
  • Updated credits
  • New options
New options
The new update has greatly extended gaming potential of the BemaNG Drive. But you know how you can extend it even more? With the help of cool mods on Cars for BeamNG Drive! On our website you will find dozens of the best mods, meticulously collected from all across the Internet, sorted, checked for viruses and is available for download completely free of charge and without registration!

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 2016-04-22 11:07:17

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