Maps for American Truck Simulator

Maps for ATS
American Truck Simulator is one of the best truck simulators of all time, allowing the player to assume the role of a driver and carry different cargoes on the roads of various American States. There will be hot deserts, endless eucalyptus forests and azure coasts. Long roads, beautiful scenery and cities that is what standard map of ATS is all about. This map is presented (or will present), the States of the USA, where you can spend dozens and dozens of hours of fun, especially if you have the proper gaming device, like a steering wheel and pedals. However, we all know that players will always be unsatisfied with what is already in the game. That's why giant creative American Truck Simulator community has started to create custom maps ATS.

ATS Maps
Maps for American Truck Simulator, of course, are quite different, both in quality and content. Some of them can add some new roads, regions or even a whole country, while others can only improve standard map and make it more detailed. New countries, new States, new roads and new adventures! And all this variety you can easily find in this section of our website. Download maps for American Truck Simulator form our site. It's completely free and you won't have to worry about safety of your computer - all the maps are thoroughly checked for viruses.

To download maps ATS just go to the page of the mod and use the magic button "Download" at the bottom of the page.

New trucks for American Truck Simulator
On this page you will find maps for American Truck Simulator. American Truck Simulator mods maps, this is the best way to diversify your gameplay. Maps ATS will allow you to ride not only in the U.S. but around the world. To download maps for American Truck Simulator just go to the page you liked the mod and click download maps ATS.