Spin Tires 2014. Black screen - What to do?

Spin Tires 2014. Black screen - What to do?

Sometimes it happens that Spin Tires 2014 gives a black screen. This can happen due to various reasons. We will now try to understand how to deal with the main one.

instructions on the treatment of black screen in Spin Tires

1. The Steam client must be turned off.
2. Create or find an old label Spin Tires, click on it with the right mouse button, then choose "Properties". In the opened window on the Compatibility tab, tick at the bottom next to "Run this program as administrator".
3. Run Steam again. In line with the game name, press the right mouse button to open "Properties", then click on the "Local files". There you will see a button "Check integrity cache". After pressing the Steam client will check for correct installation of the game, found the problem will be corrected automatically.
4. Close the window and try to run the game.

For the lucky owners of Windows XP, the following may help:
1. Turn off the Steam client.
2. Click "Start" -> "Run". Enter Regedit and click OK.
3. Open the registry editor branch HKCU\SOFTWARE\VALVE
4. Right-click on the partition and choose "Permissions"
5. For groups "SYSTEM" and "Administrators" you must select "Full control" and "Reading" at the bottom of the window.
6. Then repeat steps 3 and 4 of the previous statement.

Let's hope that the above instructions helped you and you are already enjoying a normal game.

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