What are the goals and what to do in Spin Tires?

What are the goals and what to do in the game Spin Tires?

At the stage of testing and released a demo version of the game Spin Tires attracted great attention of the gaming public because of the detailed physics of the behavior of the car on the roads. But in the demo-versions, unfortunately, we saw only a small fraction of the functionality of the game.

What gave us the developers, releasing a full game?

First, it's a two game modes: arcade and simulation. Between these modes differ significantly. Below are some of the features in each mode.

Arcade mode
1. There is an opportunity to miss time, fuel is then expended.
2. Reduced fuel consumption.
3. The layout of the course is displayed right in the game
4. There is a possibility of instant return to the unlocked garages.

Mode simulator
1. Differential lock is not available with automatic transmission.
2. Increased fuel consumption.
3. You cannot rewind time and instantly back in the garage.

Thus for beginners can advise Arcade mode.

Secondly, for the development of accessible four cards.

So, what is the purpose of Spin Tires 2014?

The main objective of the game is the delivery of goods to certain points on the map. As cargo are logs that are loaded into the machine on a tree felling. More logs - more points. But not so simple as it seems. The more logs will be loaded, the greater the total weight of the vehicle. And it can result in problems with the passage of heavy sections of the route.
To the machine can be fitted also all accessories from the garage to facilitate loading, but they also increase the weight and increase fuel consumption. To repair and refuel, you will approach unlocked the garage.

To unlock the garage must deliver spare parts and different modules with glasses garage.

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