Euro Truck Simulator 2 multiplayer

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer
In fact, Euro Truck Simulator 2 game from SCS Software does not have multiplayer, i.e. you can't play online in the game. However, a huge community of fans and modders of the game decided that it was not fair. That's how began the project of Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer, or ETS 2 MP. The project is still in the alpha stage of testing, i.e., the modification is still far from complete. However, now you can surely play ETS 2 on the Internet, fulfilling the transportation, delivery, or just riding with friends or strangers. The main idea of the mod - there is no longer an NPC, every truck in the game is controlled by a real person, and there are a lot people playing on the servers. When meeting unfamiliar driver on the road, you may contact them through added in-game chat feature, and disperse, or to travel together, why not? Many users of online are gladly going to the contact and even agree to take contracts for delivery of cargo at a single point. Above the truck of another player you can see his nickname, the name of his company and the flag of his country, that helps you to decide what language you refer to that player.

ETS 2 MP chat ETS 2 MP - point of delivery ETS 2 MP - night trip
The establishment of the company has received a new development in the game, now the company can engage by real people, but negotiation within the game is quite difficult, so on various resources on this mod there are forums in which people leaves the offer of the company with a number of conditions and rules of participation. Since joining, you start to work for the company and bring it the money. As for the job of transportation in the game - there is a caveat.

In multiplayer games now more severe rules than in the single player, which is reflected in several aspects:

  • Now your behavior is watched. There are a number of rules on servers  that you should follow, otherwise you can get banned your account, and lose all money, contracts, and purchased vehicles.

  • You cannot refuse taken the job in the game , even if it turned out extremely bad - the game will tell you that "it's not cool to do such here, we don't respect it" and you will be forced to continue on the mission.

  • In the game you can't just leave the load in the Parking lot, you need yo unhook it in the highlighted area, or the job will not be completed (as has been said, just giving up the job now is impossible).

ETS 2 MP - day trip ETS 2 MP - point of delivery ETS 2 MP - night trip
Otherwise, your gaming experience will be similar to the game without multiplayer. The main aspects of the game have not been changed in order to don't disturb the main advantage of the game - atmosphere. On the contrary, this mod delicately complements this ambience, giving you the awareness that you live in a world where real people live, and each of them has his own business (very similar to yours though). Every light that you see at night in the distance is the light of the headlights of the truck of a living person, who is doing its job, like you.

How to play the Euro Truck Simulator 2 online

To join the online community, ETS 2, You will have to make some necessary actions. The first thing You should know:


You can't play on pirated version of the game. If you have a purchased copy of the game, we will begin to prepare for the game.

At the start, you need to register on the official website of Euro Trucks Simulator 2 Multiplayer by clicking the "Register" button. When registering you will need to input your Steam account. On this website you need to download the game client.

Registration Specify Steam data downloading of ETS 2 MP client
Installation of ETS 2 MP
The archive will include installer of the mod, run it. Follow the instructions of the installer. (It doesn't matter where you install the multiplayer - it has no effect. Later you will need to specify the game's path.)

When ETS2MP installed shortcut  "Play Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer" appears on the desktop. Run it to start playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 online.

ETS 2 MP main menu
After launch, you'll need to enter the data given during the registration on the official website modifications and choose the server on which You will play. In our case, it is best to use the European server. Next, create their profile for multiplayer, in the same way as in single player. And start the game. That's it, You join a huge online community Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer. Enjoy the game!