Mods installation in BeamNG Drive: сars and maps

How to install mods in BeamNG drive
With the advent of the game BeamNG Drive significantly enlarged the ranks realistic race games. Participating in virtual crash tests, the players there is a logical question of the existence of the mods and the way they are installed. Currently, there are hundreds of mods that allow you to make the gaming experience more interesting and tweak the game to suit individual preferences of each player.

Installing car mods for BeamNG Drive

To install mods will need to perform few simple steps that can handle even the beginners. In the root directory of preloaded game BeamNG Drive features two folders to store maps and cars mods. If players didn't remember the directory where you installed the game, it is enough to start the search phrase "BeamNG Drive" on all hard disk partitions.

Then unpack the archive with the car mod in the appropriate folder under the name of "vehicles". This folder contains the files that are responsible for the graphical representation, functional and technical characteristics of each car. On this installation of a new mod will be finished.

Installation of new maps

The principle of installing a new map does not differ from the installation of the car mod. First we need to choose favourite mod with the new location and download the archive with the mod. It should be unzipped into a folder called "levels", which is located in the root directory of the game. After performing these steps, the installation of the mod is complete.

health Check mods in BeamNG Drive

To check the efficiency of installed updates, you need to run the game and in the menu that appears, click on the button "play". On the user's screen will display a menu with a list of available maps should appear in the new location.

selection Menu level BeamNG drive
Checking fashion of the car, the situation is similar. Directly in the game use the keyboard shortcut "CTRL+E" to start menu with a choice of vehicles. Select the newly established car and enjoy the game.

Menu choice car in BeamNG drive

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