Control BeamNG Drive: keyboard shortcut

Manage game BeamNG Drive: keyboard shortcuts
BeamNG Drive - video game with a high level of realism, allowing to model almost professional crash tests. With the management of land and air transport easily handle any user. If you have the experience of playing the race games, BeamNG Drive can become a real "king" roads.

Management game: function keys

Classical control turns executed with arrows on the keyboard. For advanced functionality, you will need to remember or to print some keyboard shortcuts. Consider them in detail.

J - enables and disables the use of in-game physics soft bodies;
R - restores the original position of the vehicle when it overturned, or unexpectedly fails, the engine;
CTRL+R - allows you to use the basic modification of car tuning;
CTRL+E - to display the user's menu selection of vehicles;
CTRL+W - opens the menu modifications cars (tuning);
CTRL+M - is used to reset generator transport cards;
CTRL+T - used to the game bots (function, which is being tested and may not be available);
CTRL+O - on the user's screen is displayed menu's "engine" Torque3D;
SHIFT+B - mode switching control keyboard/wheel-joystick;
SHIFT+C - enable free camera that allows you to get acquainted with the surrounding world;
<> - turn right or left "a signal of turn" for the observance of traffic rules;
/ - activation of the emergency lights for damage to the vehicle or at the request of the player.
Space - brake.
- normal game speed.
- instant slow play by 0.5%.
- is a gradual slowdown in the speed of the game.
- a gradual acceleration in the speed of the game.

These functional keyboard shortcuts enough for comfortable control of the gaming world. But if you want you can change the key combination for driving on more familiar to gamers using WASD mod for change the key combination for BeamNG drive.

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