Spin Tires 2014 controls

Management in Spin Tires 2014

Very often in games there is a situation when no hints management, and the game asks you to perform a certain action. Spintires no exception. Therefore below we provide an expanded list of controls, as in the official guide, it's quite small.


the cars

Acceleration W Up
Brake S Down
Turn left Left
Turn the D Right
Change gear
Full drive E
Differential lock Q
Pull winch F
Handbrake Space T
Lights H

camera Control

Front/Rear camera 1
Trailer camera 2


Advanced mode V
Map/Navigation system F1
Send a chat message Y
Menu Esc

XboX 360 Controller

Acceleration Right trigger (RT)
Brake Left trigger (LT)
Turn left Left left stick (LS left)
Turn right Left stick to the right (LS right)
Zoom in Left stick up (LS up)
Zoom out Left stick down (LS down)
Change gear Click on the right stick (RS3/R3)
Hold revs Click on the left stick after clicking on the right (LS3/L3 after RS3/R3)
Full drive
Handbrake B
Differential lock X
Lights Y
Front/Rear camera D-pad left
Trailer camera Spider right (D-pad right)
Advanced mode Left bumper (LB)
Map/Navigation system Right bumper (RB)
Movie map to Move the right stick (RS)
Turn map Left stick right/left (LS left/right)
Zoom map Left stick up/down (LS up/down)
Menu Back
To start the engine Start in advanced mode (Start after LB)

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