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Red Dead Redemption 2: faq
Red Dead Redemption 2 is a shooter about cowboys, which released return to its former glory of westerns. Quentin Tarantino released his film Disgusting eight, to this is a remake of the popular film the Magnificent seven. And those who love the Wild West I remember the famous Clint Eastwood as all the same was interesting to see this hero.

So, when the console finally gets a game about a cowboy John, players PC have rubbed his hands and waited for the game to computers. Since we already know that the first sensational news from Rockstar released first on the console. 7 years later after the publication of the first part of the Red Dead Redemption 2, it still remains exclusive.

Red Dead Redemption 2: faq
In our FAQ section we collected for you the most new and fresh tips, tips and advice that will help you to easily cope with the game RDR 2. Here you will also find articles that carry information about the game RDR 2. This will help you easily settle into the game world, to pass a difficult mission, etc. the Information in this section will be useful for both beginners and more experienced players.

Red Dead Redemption 2: the search for Gavin

In RDR 2, Gavin is a mysterious hero, since no one knows for sure whether he actually exists in the game world. Let's try to figure out where to find Gavin in Red Dead Redemption 2?

The game's character Nigel purposefully tries to find this hero in the game. From dialogues with this hero, it turned out that Gavin and Nigel are friends who came to the United States from England. They haven't seen each other for a long time, but he doesn't give up and keeps trying to find him.

As one theory goes, it is simply impossible to find Gavin in Red Dead Redemption 2, since Nigel is simply ill with a split personality, and this hero is just a fiction, a product of the mind.

There is a place in the city of Rhodes, a basement, where a man who is not friendly with his head is kept a prisoner. Gamers have long thought that just this prisoner is Gavin, but as it turned out this is not the case. If you do release him, it won't change anything, since Nigel will still be looking for his friend.

Currently, it is not known whether it is possible to find Gavin in Red Dead Redemption 2 or not. It is also worth taking into account the fact that at the end of the credits, the character of Gavin is not present, although they last about half an hour.