Where to buy BeamNG Drive?

Where to buy BeamNG Drive?

Racing game BeamNG Drive has become extremely popular among fans of high speeds and actual physical damage. A week later after the release of the first alpha build version, already thousands of people interested in this game. The simulator BeamNG Drive captures from the first minutes of driving, with a unique and never before seen features.

One of the main advantages of the game BeamNG Drive Steam is a real sense of speed that you can develop on any car. Thanks to well-implemented physics soft body, to monitor the behavior of the machine and operate it at high and low speeds is a pleasure. Driving along the bumpy, various bumps, you will observe gently rising and falling with suspension. The machine collision with solid objects and its subsequent damage will please even the most picky about physics and destruction of man. Answering foreseen the question: "where to buy BeamNG Drive?" - on the website of the developer. Cherished for players key BeamNG Drive can be bought for little money.

Buy BeamNG Drive Steam
The fleet in the game is really huge. It offers pick-up trucks, vans, race cars, cars for off-road and many others, are ready to break it down into small pieces for your enjoyment. To drive a virtual car from different angles of the camera, as close, distant, and with views from the cabin. The detail of the car requires kudos to the developers. For endless fun and physical damage machines, really worth to buy BeamNG Drive.

Why you should buy the game BeamNG Drive:
  • The real destruction of the car in a huge sandbox
  • More 7 detailed cars in alpha version and the possibility of customization
  • Free update and improve the game through the Steam platform
  • The ability to easily change tracks, cars, and other objects
At the moment there are several ways to buy the game. You can purchase it through the world wide gameservice Steam. After buying the game you will be immediately available for download and install it and then you'll can enjoy stunningly realistic damage system and the best opportunities of the game editor.

Buy BeamNG Drive key in Steam
By the way, the license BeamNG Drive is not only high-quality large-scale damage to cars, and even boasts an excellent visual component. Driving along a rural road or dense tropics, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mountains and flowering fields. In future updates of the game will have a lot of cool cars and tracks. In the future, provided the career mode, which will certainly add a lot of new experiences to players. Each holder of an alpha version after the official release of the game will receive the full version, nothing pays.

The simulator destruction hire BeamNG Drive the Incentive has a huge community and thousands of open topics and discussions related to this or any other aspect of the game. Experienced players enthusiasts add their own innovations to the game, like new tracks and cars, so will not be bored!

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