How to play online in SpinTires 2014

Game on the network in SpinTires 2014

Spin Tires 2014 issued on 13 June 2013 generated a lot of questions about multiplayer and online multiplayer. Let's try to consider your options. If you purchased the game via Steam, the problem of network game before you is not worth it.

Otherwise you need to download the game client and use the following instructions.

- Download and install the Steam client (this is important because online play is based on Steam).
- Run the Steam client and register a new account on Steam (optional).
- Start the game with a shortcut on the desktop. (Steam client must already be open and authorized)
- In the top right corner of the screen you will find a drop down menu with language selection can choose the language you prefer.
- In the left menu, click play, then "multiplayer".
- Create a games room, selecting map and game modes (arcade or simulation).
- Let the room name to friends and play together.

This method works at the moment, so if something does not work, try to carefully go through all the steps.

If it does not work this method, try to apply the fix installed on the client ( Contents unpack the root folder of the game. After this multiplayer must earn.

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