Manual mod converting for SpinTires MudRunner

This block will be useful to anyone who wants to add their fashion game Spintires Mudrunner or install old modifications.

Follow the link below and download archive, where you will find two folders containing documents in XML format. These documents detail all changes in registration mods, and, in addition, descriptions of their values.

All mods work in multiplayer mode.
Next, we consider individual items, such as trucks, trailer, crane and addons and superficially go over some changes and innovations in the tags.

Changes in Trucks

In Trucks, you can replace the texture of the motor as for trucks and cars, choose the "center" of the tank, its size and shape, set the desired coordinates (X, Y, Z) define the position, shape, and position of the snorkel, change the color and position of the dashboard and the texture of the windshield, put in the axle and suspension, the animation of the mirror at impact. Also added a new registration beam.

Changes in Trailer

Trailer includes the ability to prescribe the shadows for semi-trailers, the new residence of the axes and the new default name for the support.

Changes to Crane

The Crane document describes how to set the gripper supports (permitting use of the old residence) and the camera focused on the crane.

Changes in Addons

In Addons you can register the animations on the canisters and tanks.

To install the new version of Spintires old fashion or write a new one – use the above settings.

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