North American B-25 Mitchell

North American B-25 Mitchell for BeamNG DRIVE. American and British twin-engine all-metal five-seat medium bomber range.

The slope of the up - key ↑
Tilt down - key ↓
Tilt to the right key →
The slope of the left - key ←
The choke on full power - key X (Engl.)
Idle - Z key
Wheel brakes - P (Engl.)
Remove the chassis - key N
To open the hatch to clear bombs <
To drop a bomb - key >
The boot menu bombs - Ctrl+W
Change camera - C key (Engl.)

Download mod North American B-25 Mitchell for BeamNG DRIVE you to the links below on the page.

Author B25Mitch
Brand North American
Model B-25
Type of Airplane Bomber

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