Why the BeamNG Drive does not run?

BeamNG Drive
There's not much games such as BeamNG Drive. Almost perfect virtual crash tests simulator, with excellent physics and cars damage system. How can you resist such an opportunity? Here you can do almost anything. Want to push the truck into down the cliff? Easy! Head to impact the Mercedes stright into the bus or heavy truck? There is nothing easier! The possibilities of this game are limited only by your imagination. And then there are the custom modifications that increase the potential of the game even more! However, there was discovered a fly in the ointment.

Many users facing the problem when updating BeamNG Drive. New versions of the game come out quite often. One of the latest patches to version will not allow you to run the game on Windows XP and video cards that does not support DirectX 11. We've been looking for a solution to this problem and finally came to the conclusion that the best solution in this situation would be to use the previous version of the game. And here lies another trap: the game will not launch after update, if not make some small manipulations.

BeamNG Drive
Can't wait to see what it is? It's very simple. It is enough just to delete the folder "cache" in the game folder in My Documents. The fact that the game cannot create new required files into the folder "cache", if they (or the folder itself) already exists. Once you remove it, the problem will disappear and the game should earn without any problems.

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 2015-11-18 07:12:53

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