Russian maps for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2
Populatiry of trucking simulator "Euro Truck Simulator 2" has paid off. The players wanted to expand the game world to the West and the East. So, in fact, began to receive modifications to the game that adds roads, cities, and even countries. In this article, we will tell you about the mod that adds Russia in ETS 2. These modes basically do not like each other, so that in principle one can try to combine both and with each other and with other modifications, not affecting Eastern areas of the game.

Map Of Russia - RusMap

The project is made by aldim@tor. This russian map and it adds to the game the territory of Russia and Belarus. The endpoints of the mod are St. Petersburg (in the North), Moscow (East), Gomel (in the South), and Pskov (in the West). Map adds a lot of cities and roads in sufficient detail (to the extent that allows the game). Major cities (Moscow and St. Petersburg) give you feeling how big they are, but not fully explorable. In fact, added territory commensurate with the standard European map, i.e. a long interesting trip you is garanted. The mod has only a few problems, such as: a small number of gas stops and periodic artifacts (bugs) on textures in the major cities. Intercity in the mod is quite atmospheric and authentically. At least you will not see any railroad without power lines or farm fields without the barn. In fact, a russian city in the game is greatly reduced in size, compared to their real prototypes, but you never lose the feeling that you are exactly in the russian city, and not some other. Especially help this realistic recreations of the main architectural structures, as well as purely russian institutions, such as "Auchan" or "five". In principle, the mod is recommended to anyone who wants to have a russian expanses in his game, however, do not hurry with the choice, because the list of russian maps for game ETS 2 does not end. You can download russian map "RusMap" on our website.

Map of RusMap RusMap - St. Petersburg RusMap - Moscow
The modification will be hard to load your system, so be prepared for drawdowns fps, unless you have more than 8Gb of RAM. Enable mod using the "modifications" section of the main menu.

Supported game versions:
1.9.22 + DLC Going East!

Download map of Russia - RusMap

Map of Russia - Russian Open Spaces

Large modification Euro Truck Simulator 2 from MOROZOV. As the name suggests, the map adds to the game only the location of Russia, and this location differs from the previous mod. This map just adds russian cities and expensive, too, in large numbers, however, are quite different cities and very different roads. On this map of Russia, you will meet the towns: Arzamas 16, Tikhvin, Severodvinsk, Khorey-Ver, Cherepovets and others. Neither Moscow nor St. Petersburg here. Does this mod optional to install or bad? Of course not! First, those cities and roads that are in mod - well-researched and quite literally "pure russian spirit". Secondly, the map itself even more than the mod map RusMap, which is also important in the game, in which you put yourself in the shoes of a truck driver. And thirdly, this map is compatible with every other mod of this article. you can set the "Russian Open Spaces" together with "RusMap" and in conjunction with the "Eastern Express". And of course, the mod is compatible with any map of Europe, without affecting its Eastern part. So this mod must be installed for anyone who wants to have a russian city and the russian road in ETS 2. You can download russian map "Russian Open Spaces" on our website.

Russian open spaces - map Russian open spaces - Kirishi Russian open spaces - Tikhvin
Enable mod using the "modifications" section of the main menu.

Supported game versions:
1.18 and above

Download map of Russia - Russian Open Spaces

Russia Map - Eastern Express

The final modification of our list of the best maps of Russia for Euro Truck Simulator 2 by Valera_t and MOROZOV. This is perhaps the most famous project that adds the russian territory in ETS 2. Now map version updated to 6.2, and added support for the patch 1.9.22. Obviously, the mod adds a lot of russian cities and roads, but not only that. This map only works in conjunction with the map from Mario - "Mario Map", and together they add to the game most of Europe and the CIS, including Russia, Ukraine and Belarus! Besides just expanding the space for travel you will receive a characteristic of the weather, the trees and the city that will make your trip pleasant and entertaining. As in real life, on russian land you can see the bumps, especially if it's highway, far from the main roads. The authors of the mod perfectly conveyed the specifics of the terrain. Supplement best worthy of praise because it is characterized by high stability, no crashes will not bother you if you will not install conflicting modifications and overly clutter the profile attached additions. You can download russian map "Eastern Express" on our website.

Eastern Express - Map Eastern Express - Fork Eastern Express - St. Petersburg
Because of the scale of the map, it loaded quite slowly, especially if your computer is far from top-end performance. Enable mod using the "modifications" section of the main menu. Mod does not work without a map of Europe - Mario Map!

Supported game versions:

Download map of Russia - Eastern Express