Russian trucks for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Trucks for Euro Truck Simulator 2
Russian community Euro Truck Simulator 2 do not stop working to make the game more recognizable for compatriots. Fans of ETS 2 now can not only ride on Russian land, but also on Russian trucks. Judging by the amount of work Russian community ETS 2 one of the most industrious in this respect, modification appear regularly and one other better. In terms of trucks for ETS 2 Russian models not so much, but there are a number of brands, transferred into the game. These brands can be attributed to: KamAZ, MAZ, URAL, GAZ. Each added to the game Russian truck has specific characteristics, appearance and location. Download Russian trucks and download Russian machines You can from our website.

KamAZ-5460 KamAZ-54115 KamAZ-4410-6450
Generally, it is very logical - if the game has Russian cards, then it needs to drive Russian cars. This greatly contributes to the atmosphere of the game, brings more meaning in raids, and generally pleasant trifle that even in aesthetic terms, raises the interest in the game. It is possible not to play a role, but just to feel in the shoes of a typical Russian trucker who transports the goods through the territory of Russia and abroad. To take a very important commodity from Moscow to Berlin on his MAT e known by European (including Russian) highway - there is something beautiful in this.

MAZ-6422 MAZ-6422 KamAZ-5410
On our website You can find and download Russian truck download Russian cars for Euro Truck Simulator 2, which are presented next mods on different models. For example, brands such as MAZ and KAMAZ presents five models each. Downloading these models, You will see that for each machine replaced not only the body, but also the behavior on the road, tuning, and downloaded every truck will meet You on the roads. Also on our website You can download Russian mods for ETS 2 not only in terms of vehicles, but also Russian maps, including the famous "Russian space".