Fallout 4 map

Map of Fallout 4
Don't want to travel the Wasteland blindly? Then you absolutely need a detailed map of a post-apocalyptic Boston. On such map you'll find the location of various buildings, landmarks, treasures, power armor and other things. Use this small trick and your journey through the wasteland will become easy and pleasant, as much as it can be for walking in hostile radioactive Wasteland. The Fallout 4 game world is, though not so big as many expected, more than saturated. In size it is roughly comparable to the game world of TES V: Skyrim, although we haven't yet find out the exact size of the game world. Measurements extremely complicated by wandering gangs of wild ghouls and raiders. But even on this rather small territory, you will not leave feeling that you are in the midst of the vast wasteland, far from weak, trembling light of civilization. Isn't this the spirit of the Fallout universe?

Of course, with the release of new game such as Fallout 4, we simply have to add detailed map of the game world for your convenience. We already lost count of the hours spent on the sun-scorched Wastelands, we collected and compiled information, took screenshots, and surveyed the playing area, so you always have quick access to the map of the game world of Fallout 4. Above you can see a simple map of the game world, without any legend, so you can imagine the relief and the features of the terrain.

Detailed map Fallout 4
Of course, this article would not be complete without a large map, supplied by symbols, which will help you find every place in the Wastelands. The compilation of this map took a lot of time and effort, but we've done it so now you can find every building, every hiding place and village that can be found in the vastness of Fallout 4. In addition to the countryside, the game have a lot of space occupied by dense urban development and many buildings are separated locations, often multi-level, inhabited by friendly or hostile NPC. In many places of the game world, you can find powerful weapons, more advanced power armor or interesting accounts depicting the tragedies and successes of people living in these places in the last 200 years. In order to not to be lost in this huge hostile world use our detailed map of the game world for Fallout 4!

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