Fallout 4 Trailers

Fallout 4 Trailers
With the release of Fallout 4, we brought together three wonderful beautiful trailers of this game created at different stages of development and the project presentation. Even if you've already seen them, be sure to look again. Why deny yourself the pleasure?

15 October 2015 Bethesda Sodtworks was published the Wanderer Trailer for their new huge progect Fallout 4. The trailer tells us about what will happening in the Wasteland soon enough - we see the main character, his dog, scenes of a nuclear explosion, peaceful pre-war scene as well as opening the door of the vault, the battle with the super mutants, robot and something really new - animation vestments of a hero in power armor and a garage in which to store our gear. Wagerer the trailer just strikes our fancy graphics and realism! Play the Fallout 4 and dive into this wonderful and exciting post-Apocalypse world.

14 June 2015 at E3 the official Fallout 4 trailer was released by Bethesda team. In the trailer you will see the updated three-dimensional graphics, excellent lighting effects, detailed texture of characters and pleasant landscapes. Also, you will plunge into the post-apocalyptic atmosphere of the original Fallout: a nuclear explosion, the moment of the catastrophe, the evacuation of residents to shelter soldiers in power armor, as well as the best friend of the main character - the dog. Fallout 4 is something great, not for nothing the development team has worked so hard. Be sure to see the official trailer of the game!

The development team of Bethesda 5 November 2015 has published a gameplay trailer of Fallout 4. What we see here? Brave new world: laser and plasma rifles, different armor, elaborate clothing of the characters, the excellent detailing of the city and of the surrounding world. And, of course, the gaming experience - you can blow up helicopters, building a house and watching as your character is clothed in power armor. Of course, we see some gameplay, battle mode, new monsters and other interesting details gameplay trailer Fallout 4.

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