Lags and errors Farming Simulator 2013

Solution of Farming Simulator 2013 problems: lags, bugs and errors
One of the most realistic and popular simulation farms is considered FS 2013 - a multi-platform game from Giants Software. However, as with any other "giant of the genre, Farming Simulator 2013 problem was not spared. In this article we have prepared for you a list of the most popular questions and answers, which are designed to assist in resolving these bugs.

Just installed Farming Simulator 2013, suddenly appeared lags. Why the game lags?

Reasons that slows down the game Farming Simulator 2013, there may be several.
  • The first is the abundance of mods and DLC. Worth a try to delete some of them and compare the results. If lag was less, you are on the right track.
  • The second reason why inhibits FS 2013, may be hiding in the Assembly, if you are not using a licensed version of the game. When lag makes sense to test the game on another, more powerful computer and, if the lag was identified and on it, uninstall the game, clean the registry and install another version. We strongly recommend you to buy the licensed version of the game.
  • The third reason is the "iron". The abundance of dust under the body in combination with a low performance computer (not enough RAM, video card, not designed for powerful video games and so on) often becomes the answer to the question: why hang this or that game. If you have just installed FS 2013, did not have time to put even 5-10 mods, and the game is already hangs, try cleaning your computer or upgrade it. Can also help the setting in the settings minimum resolution for graphics and video, turn off background programs and add the game to the exceptions list of the firewall and antivirus.
Faced with the fact that Farming Simulator 2013 is buggy, what to do?

Most often, the problem of instability is associated with outdated drivers and software. If crashes the game Farming Simulator 2013, the best solution is to update it to the newest version, namely:
  • DirectX
  • Display driver NVIDIA or AMD
  • Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable - if you eject from Farming Simulator 2013 with the same error (the year may be different)
  • .NET Framework
When you start the game requires a disc. How to fix it?

If you have installed the game from the image, then it makes sense again to mount it using Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools. If you hacked the game, check whether you have used Crack'ohms. Usually the authors of such assemblies, the paint-by-step description of this process. We do not recommend you to use hacked the game, and buy the license!

Lost equipment when rejoining. What to do? Where to look?

This problem is typical for the "problem" of mods. To avoid this, after you purchase the technique of fashion, you must return to the farm. This can be done in the menu by pressing Esc. If the return does not happen, then the mod is faulty, and after rejoining the techniques you will not find. If you do not understand the scripts and unable to fix this bug, we recommend you to delete this fashion immediately, so as not to overload the system.

Why I could not start Farming Simulator 2013?

The main reason that the computer does not run FS 2013 is the mismatch parameters are the minimum system specifications necessary to play.

If your hardware meets those requirements, and the game still does not start, it makes sense to update drivers and software. Learn more about this in question # 2.

FS 2013 too long to start. How to fix it?

If long loaded the game itself, try to disable it using the task Manager background programs, to perform disk defragmentation or to expand the amount of RAM. If this problem occurs only when loading certain maps (usually installed with the help of mods), it means, that are not well optimized. The best option is to contact the developer of fashion with a request for rectification or to opt out of this fashion, the benefit of their huge selection.

When you exit the game is not saved. How to solve the problem?

The most common reason is the presence in the profile name or in the name of the computer user Cyrillic letters. Remove from there Cyrillic (in other words, rename), so that the path of preservation looked like this:
C:\Users\(profile name in Latin)\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2013\

The path to the folder with the saves may be different in different versions of the operating system!