How to play Farming Simulator 2013 online

Farming Simulator 2013 is not a standard game. Agricultural romance, devoid of the typical content of entertainment games may initially cause confusion. All you have to do in the game is to develop its economy. Developers don't even try to diversify the gameplay, only the harsh reality, without violence and any unusual situations. But who said that it is bad?

Busy fast pace of modern life can cause this, at first glance, boring repetitive game, like Farming Simulator 2013, may be the same medicine for your mind. Routine, monotonous work on the cultivation of agriculture enters into a special state where you can relax and not what to think. And how pleasant it is to conduct these sessions total relaxation with your friends in co-op online.

Work in agriculture many, and what to do with friends in an online game is always there. You can divide the stages of the work or as to accelerate the process together to do one thing, such as, for example, the harvest. But to fully enjoy the game online, you must make a pre-configure network mode, in order to get a good stable game for you and your friends. Below are some actions that will help you to set up the game over the network.

First go in game and select "multiplayer" from the main menu. A choice will be presented to two items: "Join session" and "Create session". If you want to create a game for my friends and have a good Internet connection, then select "Create session". Otherwise, you have to search for already created by other players session in "to Log in session.

Consider the stages of creating the game in the "Create session". When you have made the choice of this paragraph, you will see the window for creating a new session. Or you can choose a previously saved game.

Next, after selecting the cell, save us meets the setup menu of the game. In the Name of the session, you must enter the name you selected. In the "Internet Connection" select the type of your Internet connection and its speed. If you have any problems during the game and you don't know what you have Internet connection, consult your network administrator. Item "Max. the number of players allows you to choose the limit of players that can connect to your game. Click "Password" is required if you want to protect the game from random players. The "Port" and "Use UPnP" do not touch, only if you have problems with the game online. "Modifications/additions" allows you to enable or disable your installed mods. After all settings, click "Start", choose any of the servers and once again click "Start".

The game also provides additional configuration during the game. To do this you must press "U". There you can change the name, password, maximum number of connected players, and set the access for other players to features such as the sale of equipment, hiring of workers, the creation of new fields and separate accounts for their results.

After all settings were left to wait for your friends to connect to the server. Thanks to the multiplayer Farming Simulator 2013, you will now be able to split heavy agricultural labour with your friends!