Download Farming Simulator 2013 savegame

Many players want to download the save for Farming Simulator 2013 - because not everyone has a lot of time to achieve significant results in this delightful simulator. So we present to your attention two save with $50 million in the account. With these 100% savegame you will be able to beat the game completely is to buy any equipment and engage in any other activity in the game.

Where save-games are located

You don't know where saving lie? There are 2 possible ways on your computer where the folder with the save:
  • C:\Users\{PROFILE_NAME}\Documents\My Games\Engine GIANTS 5.0.1
  • C:\Users\{PROFILE_NAME}\Documents\my games\FarmingSimulator2013
This way you will be able to find the folder with save type save1, save2, save3... Savegame files downloaded via the links below should be placed in these folders.

Save on normal difficulty

In the save in your account will be $50.000.000 that will allow you to enjoy all types of machinery, and not think about making money.

Download savegame on normal difficulty - $50 mln money 100% savegame for Farming Simulator 2013 - normal difficulty
Go to the download page to download a ZIP archive with preservation. Save made before passing 1 mission.

Download the high complexity

Download this save, you get the same bunch of money - $50 million. This save is made before the 1st mission on the hardest difficulty.

Download save Farming Simulator 2013 - money for hard Save for Farming Simulator 2013 on hard difficulty - $50 mln money
To download this save, go to the download page. There you can download a ZIP archive with the files in this save.