Farming Simulator 2015 video

In October 2014 is finally released game Farming Simulator 2015 and no fan just was not disappointed! We suggest you watch the video Farming Simulator 2015 and independently assess the result of the work of developers from Giants Software.

Trailer Farming Simulator 2015

Even before the release of the game in the Internet appeared the video trailer Farming Simulator 2015. The quality of the movie impressed by all the players, who were waiting for the release of the game. But, unfortunately, the movie turned out to be a render and a bit prettified the graphical capabilities of FS 2015.

Launch video Farming Simulator 2015

In this video we have already seen the details of the gameplay of a new game, the Farming Simulator series. Great music, colorful frames and pleasant atmosphere of the game - all this leaves a good impression from watching and just want to play.

Video "Day at the virtual farm"

This video perfectly shows a chore virtual farmer in the Farming Simulator 2015. Then the cattle, and processing fields, and caring for greenhouse crops, and timber cutting, and easy transportation of goods through the busy roads of the game world.

Gameplay Farming Simulator 2015

Giants Software has released a series of videos that demonstrate the gameplay Farming Simulator 2015. These video perfectly shows all kinds of work in the game Farming Simulator 15.

Gameplay video: grain harvest

In it we demonstrate the process of cleaning wheat. This process involved many types of machinery - combine harvester for harvesting, tractor for the selection in trailer, truck for sale.

Gameplay video: logging

In this video the developers showed us the whole cycle of felling trees. Farming Simulator 2015 appeared this wonderful opportunity, which really helps virtual farmers with Finance. Below you can watch a video overview of how to quickly make money with deforestation.

Video baling in Farming Simulator 2015

In this gameplay video of Farming Simulator 2015 you can see how the game is working with bales. The video shows the collection of straw and pressed into round and square bales.

Video of equipment Farming Simulator 2015

In the new version of farming simulator added a lot of new equipment, which will eventually be able to buy each virtual farmer. But do not forget how to care for their tractors and other equipment!