Wheel Bundle Pack for Farming Simulator 2015

Wheel Bundle Pack
You adore Farming Simulator 2015 and want to experience new feelings while playing this wonderful game? Then your time has come! The developers of Farming Simulator 2015 has released a totally unique device - Bundle Pack Wheel, representing the wheel, pedals and control panel used to control any equipment available in the game! Now you will be able to immerse yourselfes in the exciting process of developing your own virtual farm. The only require is virtual reality helmet. Let's hope that it's not far off.

In this video you can see how Rosie the Сow (the mascot of Farming Simulator 2015) opens and shows to you the possibilities of Wheel Bundle Pack for Farming Simulator 2015. Very impressive! It's not just the steering wheel and pedals that you can buy in any store, it is really a specialized device for controlling all the gaming machinery, from the combine, up to industrial machines for logging.

Thanks to Home Interactive, GIANTS Software and Saitek for making this a ripe fruit on a tree of the gaming industry, which will raise up to heaven the level of enjoyment from do your job on your virtual farm. To buy this miracle-in-box you can, for example, on the website ebay.com.

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 2015-12-07 09:09:39

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