Map for Mafia 1

Map for Mafia 1
On this page, you can find maps for Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven that can be downloaded from our website for free.

Map for Mafia 1
You’ll be able to find the following places on the map:
  1. Salieri’s Bar – a place where you get all your missions as well as new cars and weapons.
  2. Morello’s Bar – the rival family. You’ll be able to “pay them a visit” during one of the missions.
  3. Lucas Bertone’s Auto Serive – a friend’s business. He’ll give all the ins and outs about cars and offer some missions.
  4. Salieri’s Warehouse – this place belongs to your family. It’s useful to know the location of it since you’ll have to visit it quite frequently.
  5. Lost Heaven Church – a landmark of the city.
  6. First National Bank – this one you’ll have to rob in one of the missions.
  7. Lost Heaven General Hospital – you can use the first-aid kit on the side of the building in Free Ride mode.
  8. Port of Lost Heaven – spoiler alert! This is a great place to show your marksmanship.
  9. Lost Heaven Racing Circuit – this location is associated with one of the toughest missions in the game.
  10. Lost Heaven Art Gallery – this is where the game finale will take place.
  11. Twister Theater – your most vicious enemy’s supposed scaffold.
  12. Lost Heaven International Airport – this is one of the places where you could finally get rid of the Morello family once and for all.
  13. Prosecutor’s Villa – truly an unforgettable adventure.
  14. Yellow Pete’s – a gun store with a wide choice of weapons.
  15. Safehouse – protagonist’s residence in Free Ride Extreme mode.


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