Minecraft Forge API download

Mincraft Forge API for mods that allows you to install mods without permanent modifications of the game client Minecraft. When installing is set Forge Mod Loader for management mod.

The advantage of using mods, optimized for Minecraft Forge API, is also the possibility of starting the mods on the server without porting.

Installation using installer:
  1. make Sure that the desired version Minecraft been run at least once to ensure the necessary installation files have already been created.
  2. Download and run the installer.
  3. Select in the appeared menu the installation type you want (Install client/Install server) and click OK.
  4. Run Mods and make sure that you have the profile Forge and the section local versions appeared release your name version of a Forge.
  5. Select the profile Forge.
  6. Run game.
Some Launchers create the folder structure, so setting for such launcher in the automatic mode is impossible.

Window installer
an example of a message about incorrect file structure


Minecraft Forge for version 1.7.2
Minecraft Forge to version 1.6.4