Red Dead Redemption 2: war horse

Red Dead Redemption 2: war horse

In the game Red Dead Redemption 2 is shown many different breeds of horses. All of them can be divided into categories. Each horse has its pros and cons.

Let's look at the special features:
  • Horse riding - a horse used as a means of transportation;
  • Horses to pull slow – moving rocks, nevertheless, have improved characteristics;
  • Horse racing is a pretty fast moving, but stamina and health they have low performance;
  • Horses for work is moving slowly, but stamina and health are excellent;
  • Perfect horses – those who have remarkable performance in everything, but find them rather difficult;
  • Horse for battle – high health, slow acceleration, the speed is small;
  • MultiCLASS horse combines the characteristics of horses to pull and work;
  • Military horse – rare horse, but still you can find them, they have quite high performance.
Red Dead Redemption 2: war horse
War horse in RDR 2 is quite a rare species. Its fairly rare to see on sale. The price of this horse is very high and starts at least from $ 100 and can easily reach up to 400.

For the most devoted fans who pre-order, the developers have prepared a nice bonus in the form of a free war horse. You can get it by entering the special promotional code if you have one. Well, if not, no problem - go to the stables Valentina after completing the mission "Exit pursues slighted ego." There you will find a free war horse.

Another free way of getting war horse will travel to the Prairie and tame a wild horse. Buy the breed you will find in the area North-West of Blackwater. Remember, however, that wild horses have a particular temper, which reduces their performance.

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