Mission People and angels in RDR 2

People and angels in RDR 2
The side mission "People and angels" in Red Dead Redemption 2 is optional, but it helps you get the "Lend a helping hand" trophy.

Mission location People and angels in RDR 2
Meeting sister Calderon in RDR 2
The initiator of the mission is sister Calderon. It will be found in Saint-Denis, between the missions of the Fork and the Fine art of negotiation. The reward will also be an increase in the level of honor.

Start of the mission people and angels in RDR 2
Donation to the poor in RDR 2
At the beginning of the sixth Chapter, Arthur meets sister Calderon, who collects donations for the poor. Familiarity can only occur if the task "Brothers and sisters, all and everyone" is completed. After a conversation with a nun, Morgan can donate to a good cause. This can be help with both money and food. If the first option is selected, you must donate at least $10. If the second, then you need to give four points of food.

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