New screenshots of Arizona DLC

Arizona DLC
Every time SCS Software starts open beta for another update for one their games, they always expect that the testing won't reveal any major problems with the update, and that testing only proves that the product is suitable for release. So they are not particularly happy about the fact that the open beta of 1.23 update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and 1.2 update for American Truck Simulator has lasted for more than two weeks. However, SCS Software has never compromise the quality of the product, despite the time pressure. As usual, they release only fully tested and properly "polished" updates. That is why they once again ask us to be patient and assured that all the promised changes will be added to the game soon.

Meanwhile the ATS map team is hard at work on long-awaited Arizona DLC, a free add-on for American Truck Simulator that adds to the game a map of Arizona. Developers are literally bombarded with requests to show more of what they are working on. SCS Software admit that they don't particularly want to show something from already ready content, as they want to maintain the element of surprise, to surprise players during the release. But they uploaded four screenshots from the upcoming Arizona DLC. Here you can see some new features, including new cars in the traffic, new roads and cities.

New traffic - harvester New cities New traffic - truck with crane
Unfortunately, at the moment this is all information about Arizona DLC. We all look forward to the release of this update, as, alas, there are not so many good maps for ATS, and the current two States already look painfully familiar. Stay tuned to our website not to miss the release of the next additions to ATS.

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 2016-04-04 08:40:50

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