ATS Screenshots: March 2016

Screenshots ATS: March 2016
We all love to ride on american roads, driving a powerful truck, admiring the sunset over the desert or a bright midday somewhere on the coast of hot California. World of American Truck Simulator is amazingly beautiful when you looking at it from the window of a fast moving truck. Why not share this beauty, captured in ATS screenshots?

We have a whole bunch of cool screenshots for you. Part of them was shot by us, other were kindly provided by the American Truck Simulator gaming community. They hasn't a common theme, it's just nice screenshots of our favorite game.

The Vegas ahead! Looks like this truck is woven from the eternal darkness And this, apparently, his brother - the bloody truck of Angel of Death
Let's start with the night views of Las Vegas and a couple "evil" trucks. That's what's mods does!

I Wonder where he's taking this Panther? Horizon swamped! There isn't anything special, but it still looks great!
The following three screenshots are a bit more interesting. On the first one the truck apparently preparing to take an old German tank into a Museum. On the second one we can see a great use of "Dutch angle" and a little California nature. But the third... the third one is just beautiful. Deal with it.

What a beautiful sunset And what a magnificent tuning And another great sunset
You can say whatever you want but the graphics in American Truck Simulator looks very nice, even though it is far from ideal and not even close to the technical component of AAA-projects. Just look at those gorgeous sunsets and how the real cool tunning suppose to looks like.

These two cars complement each other And again the horizon swamped Like a scene from the Western!
It's amazing how much beautiful screenshots can be shot using only one truck, the road and a little bit of filters. But here we are!

Typical cityscape Another beautiful screenshot out of nothing We'll need 4 trucks, one passenger car, coast, blur and a LOT of contrast
And the last three screenshots. They are hard to distinguish from all others in this article, because each of them are beautiful in their own way. So let's without further ado let's do good to our eyes.

That's all we wanted to share with you for now. We hope that you liked our article. Write in the comments below what you would like to see on our website.

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 2016-03-29 09:37:48

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