The Rescale of ATS

The Rescale of the American Truck Simulator game world
Today we expect a really big announcement from SCS Software, but before that let's delve into the history of the game series. In the very beginning of the development of American Truck Simulator, just a few months after the release of Euro Truck Simulator 2, SCS Software was the company consisted of only 20 people. They created, developed and provided active support for ETS2, while the ATS development team consisted of only five people. The developers hoped to increase that number to a modest, but quite sufficient 8-10 people. Since this team faced a monumental task - to recreate almost the entire North American continent in a reasonable scale and within a reasonable time.

Fortunately, the American Truck Simulator started quite good from the get-go, so SCS Software has decided that this game world is able to take a far greater number of developers than was originally planned. The company has doubled in size and continues to hire new designers and 3D artists. Looking back and taking into account all feedback coming from the community, SCS Software needs to make an important decision: either to leave things as they are and continue to build the game world at the scale it is now, or change the scale before it is too late. It's now or never, because the more parts of the world is ready, the more unlikely that the developers will do some radically change in the future.

New Route 101 in American Truck Simulator
Redesigned tunnel on Route 101
Perhaps the biggest number of complaints from players that SCS Software has get, was about the scale of the American Truck Simulator game world. SCS Software have always tried to listen to its fans. So, within a few months of work over the Arizona DLC they received, and pondering feedback from fans and finally decided that there will be a big update increases the scale of the American Truck Simulator game map. This update will include many nice new features, such as:

  • Uppong the game map scale from 1:35 to 1:20. All roads outside the cities will be 75% longer.
  • Retouching the existing system of roads and interchanges. Changing the location of cities and intersections.
  • More attention to the scale and distances, more open views and perspectives.
  • Reconfiguring game time - longer day and night. The driver will slower to tire, and the truck will slower to consume its fuel.
  • Change the system of road junctions and their geographical location.
  • Change the system of driving experience, which makes it more similar to what you see in ETS2.
  • More space for the densely populated areas in future DLC.
Comparison of the world of American Truck Simulator
California, Nevada and Arizona before the Rescale (highlighted in yellow) and after.
The new scale of the game world will be equivalent to what we see in Euro Truck Simulator 2, so the time flow in both games will be the same. Also, there will be more room to improve existing areas and places that were not as good due to current scale of the gameworld.

What awaits us in the future update? First off it's the second chance to get acquainted with the Western coast of the United States and those States that have already been added to the game, as well as much more space (and therefore opportunities) for future DLC. Plus, in addition there will be new road segments.

Recycling the road system in American Truck Simulator
On this map the yellow area shows the road segments that will be added after the Rescale.
The only thing required from the players is patience. Work on such a major upgrade will require at least a few months of hard work, before developers will be able to returen to work on new states for future DLC. The map developing team is already working hard on this big project. To reduce time needed to create the new states, the most of 3D designers are now working on the vegetation, buildings, landscape and everything else that is needed for new state DLC. SCS Software are hoping to increase their size enough to create two map developing teams so they will simultaneously work on growing North America both Northward and Eastward.

Old Highway 101 in American Truck Simulator New Highway 101 in American Truck Simulator
Highway 101 to the extension (left) and after (right).
SCS Software is extremely excited about their current big project and they hope that the community shares their interest. Players will get more content, improved modding technology and a lot more places to recreate North America as the same majestic and beautiful land that it is. The developers believe that this is a great solution to ensure attention to the game and love of the community for many years to come. They only hope that their loyal fans will have enough patience to stay with them. After all, the players make game the way it is, and what developers doing worth do.

Old U.S. Route 58 in American Truck Simulator New U.S. Route 58 in American Truck Simulator
State Route 58 to the extension (left) and after (right).
Let's wait and hope that the Rescale will be released soon, but for now, we just have to settle for custom maps for American Truck Simulator, many of which can be found on our website and download absolutely for free and without registration.

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 2016-06-27 06:52:15

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