Open beta of patch 1.24 for ETS 2 now avaliable

Euro Truck Simulator 2 update 1.24 beta
New big update for Euro Truck Simulator 2 is almost knocking at our doors! SCS Software is going to release big updates for both of its major projects and update 1.24 for Euro Trucks Simulator 2 is fist in line. They want to avoid getting too much feedback on too many different topics at the same time, so they are going to wait some more with the release of the big update for American Truck Simulator (including long awaited Arizona).

As with any large game update, it contained hundreds and hundreds of different changes, but in this article we will tell you only about the most important of them.

List of new features:

  • World of Trucks Contracts will now be available right in the game! Also the contracts to the regions from Going East and Scandinavia DLCs will be added.
Contracts for World of Trucks
  • Optional realistic coupling simulation. The new system of coupling uses a full kingpin and fifth-wheel physics simulation. Only for experienced drivers!
Realistic coupling
  • Speeding highlight can now be disabled.
  • Torque converter simulation was significantly improved.
  • Improved auto transmission.
  • Added support for XInput.
  • Added detection and support for SKRS.
  • Gear shift selectors now have UI support.

Data and Modding improvements:

  • Scania Trucks have been redesigned, added new accessories.
  • Names of many models has been fixed and changed, most of the interior mods and some other mods needs to be updated.
  • Damage parameters have been moved from game_data.sii and replaced with some other parameters.
  • Data driven engines (torque curve, the limit engine speed, etc.).
  • Added force feedback data for XInput (force_feedback.sii).
  • Added Torque converter data to physics.sii.
You can participate in the open beta via Steam. Just before that do not forget to save and make backups! Help developers polish the long-awaited update, if you can't wait to test new content, or wait until the update is complete. Most importantly don't forget to go to page with mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 on our website, where we have gathered for you the best creations of modders from around the world!

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 2016-05-25 10:47:00

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