New paintjobs for ETS 2

New skin packs for ETS 2
Another piece of news about developing new content for Euro Truck Simulator 2. The developers assure us that they are preparing "something big", but they can't even tell what it is, because they don't feel "ready" to do it. However, SCS' desire to polish their important content untill it still posiible is quite undestandable. Developers themselves want maps and vehicles for their game to be out as often as possible.

Lately, SCS Software has been active hiring new employees, and as a result they have four new talented developers joined map and vehicles teams. According to the developers, their office is almost full, so at the moment they are discussing the possibility of moving, in order to hire even more workers.

However, there is one field in which SCS Software have become very prolific, and it is the creation of country-specific paintjobs for Euro Truck Simulator 2. This isn't much and poorly serves the needs of players who are looking forward for a "big" update. But the developers believe that they still owe to release some more coutry-paintjobs, for countries which isn't covered yet. They believe that now, with new staff, they will be able to produce skins for all countries that you can visit in the game, and for those who has a big community of ETS 2 fans.

Italian skins Slovak skins
In the meantime, meet the two new skin-packs, which should please the players from Italy and Slovakia: Italian Paintjobs Pack and Slovak Paintjobs Pack.

By the way, on our website you can also find a lot of interesting things, for example a whole section dedicated to cars for ETS 2, where you will be able to find and download absolutely for free a lot of cool vehicles for Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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 2016-05-05 05:36:55

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