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Heavy Equipment Precision Control System
Do you know what is a real hardcore? Do you think that after Dark Souls, Bloodborn, or low priority in Dota 2 you have nothing to fear? Then you definitely haven't tried to play Farming Simulator 2015 using as the Heavy Equipment Precision Control System!

What is the Heavy Equipment Precision Control System, you ask? This is an advanced gaming accessories from Saitek company. It is a complex gaming system, which includes:

  • A steering wheel with many buttons, including a hand brake, horn and sticks-switches, conveniently located directly under your fingers.
  • A control panel with more than 20 buttons and a special joystick specially designed for controlling cranes and other similar machines.
  • Two convenient pedals.
Feeling like driving a real tractor!
All of these devices, coming in a vast box, are surprisingly easy to set on your desk. The wheel and the side panel can be firmly attached to the edge of your desk. The pedals are simply placed on the floor. The side panel and the wheel connects to your computer via USB, and pedal, in turn, are connected to the steering wheel with a telephone cable. Heavy Equipment Precision System Control (hereinafter - HEPCS) can be purchased on eBay for $300.

How it works
If you don't understand why are we talking you the second time about the same thing, then congratulations - you passed the test and have confirmed yourself as a regular visitor of our site. That's right, we already wrote about the device. You can refresh your memory here. But this article is not about that. It's about how hard it is to cope with a harvester or something like that in FS 15 using HEPCS. And it is hard. First off, there is the most annoying problem of almost all steering wheels controllers - the pedals freely slide around the floor as you hit them with your legs. Fortunately, Farming Simulator 15 is not a racing simulator and it's not so critical, but you perfectly understand what we're talking about, if you own steering wheel. Of course, when choosing between a boring keyboard and a full control system like that, the choice is obviously in favor of the latter. If only you don't have to set the device again and again every time you want to play in Farming Simulator 2015.

HEPCS really gives the player some kind of zen. Imagine: you gently run your harvester back and forth, over and over again through the amber of fields. You have to use your hands to physically turn the steering wheel, operate the pedals and reach for the control panel. All this make the game much more complicated, but at the same much more interesting!

Even simple maneuvers such as reversals, which we all used to make barely moving two fingers, when using HEPCS require full both of your hands to turn the steering wheel, and both of your legs to press the pedals. Untill you accumulated at least a minimum skill it will gets very confusing. This, of course, not a real job in the field, but not a clicking on the buttons as well.

Convenient installation on the Desk
We didn't exaggerate when talking about hardcore like in Dark Souls. Farming Simulator 2015 is not a game, which explains to you how to operate a particular machine. So the main difficulty consists of two parts. First: you don't know what, how and where to do. And second: you can't learn to handle the joystick.

Of course, everything comes with a skill and after a short time you will begin to get pleasure from playing FS 15 with HEPCS. However, whether this pleasure worth $300? You decide.

If you have experience with HEPCS why don't you share them in the comments below? And then you can go to other pages of our website, for example in section with maps for Farming Simulator 2015. There you will find a huge choice of maps for your favorite game, each of which you can download absolutely for free and without registration.

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 2016-05-10 05:14:50

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