Hats in Red Dead Redemption 2

How can you imagine a cowboy without his hat? In Red Dead Redemption, literally all characters wear a headdress. Hats in RDR 2 can easily be lost during the battle, this is the reality of gang life.

If you see that you have lost a hat that you bought in the store, then go past the places where you went last time. There's a huge chance that your hat hasn't disappeared yet.

If the headdress can't be found, then you should go to Arthur's tent and look in the chest. You should go to the hats tab and select the headdress you need there. They always appear in this section if you receive or purchase them in the store.

Also, the headdress can be returned with the help of a horse. You should go to it or sit down, then press R1 or the right mouse button. After that, you just choose your hat.

Types of rare hats in the game

The first type of hat is a three-cornered hat that once belonged to a pirate. It will not be easy to get it. To get to the right place where this thing is located, you will need a boat.

Location of the triangular hat
To search for the red Dead Redemption 2 cocked hat, you will have to go to Flat Iron Lake. After you arrive there, you should go to the shore of the Northern part to the abandoned ship. You will find the hat inside the ship.

Triangle hat
The second type is A civil war hat, which you will find in the Fort. Its location can be found in Lemoyn and Hanover.

Location of the civil war hat
You can go to this Fort by any route. There will be complete destruction inside, but you should move to the building with a fire. Go inside, go down and further into the basement, and already there you will find the coveted hat.

Civil war Hat
The third type is the Nevada hat in Red Dead Redemption 2. Finding it is the most difficult. The hat is well hidden in the mountain near the waterfall.

Location of the Nevada hat
The main sign for you will be the railway and the river Whinyard Strait. The headdress will lie on a stone slab.

Nevada Hat
Another variation is the Viking helmet, which is quite unique. But it is unlikely that the main character will wear it.

Location of the Viking helmet

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