Become a bootlegger in RDR Online

moonshiner's career in RDR 2
At the end of 2019, Red Dead Online received a new profession for user characters in the form of a moonshiner. Players can continue to engage in the liquor business.

To become a moonshiner, you need to reach level 5 as a merchant. After achieving this, you can produce your own product and earn money from it. Moreover, the user can open their own underground bar with music and dance floor.

Production and sale of moonshine in Read Dead Online

To make moonshine, the player will need Braga, which can be purchased from Marcel. To purchase raw materials at a reduced price, you must complete the bootlegging tasks assigned to Maggie. Each correctly executed order reduces the price of Braga by 10 units.

Moonshiner in RDR 2
After buying Braga and choosing the strength of the drink, the moonshiner needs to choose flavors. With each completed task, the player will have new recipes. After reaching the fifteenth level in the role of moonshiner, the user will receive the award "Famous brewer", which will reduce the time to create a strong drink by 20%.

There are several ways to achieve a high level as a moonshiner:
  • Doing tasks based on the game's story;
  • Passing the test for bootlegging;
  • When producing a drink;
  • After selling moonshine to the buyer.

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