Strangers in RDR 2

Where to find all the strangers in Red Dead Redemption 2
Welcome to the Wild West! Nothing will prevent the hero of the Western to earn some money, as well as learn new skills. To do this, the game offers side quests. In them, the main character will become a bounty hunter, create a collection of historically significant artifacts, try out trading or master the skills of moonshine. In Red Dead Redemption 2, stranger missions are offered to the player as they approach the object. He will either offer a case, or will not pay attention to the character if he does not have enough earned rating on the honor Scale.

The bounty hunter

A writer in a saloon located in the northeast part of Valentine suggests tracking down the four shooters. They're all West coast legends. The mission of the side quest is to find them and kill them. The customer will give out 4 photos, on the back of which the location of the characters is indicated. The player needs to enter data on their card and go to track down the "heads" that will pay well.

Flaco Hernandez

With this character, the search begins, because it is located near Valentine. Along with Hernandez, there are 10 other people in the gang. The player must decide whether to storm or sneak into the territory. The result in any case will be a duel with Flaco. The reward for the shooter's head is his personal revolver. This is the best small arms in the game. The main prize and additional bonuses are in the shooter's safe, which he hides under the bed.

Flaco Hernandez

Billy Midnight

The shooter is robbing trains. Therefore, before searching, you should pay a visit to the railway station roads and talk to the station attendant. Billy is a fan of looking for his prey in the restaurant cars. This is where you should start searching for the shooter. To do this, take the next train and go to the restaurant car. Soon, Midnight himself will appear in it. After a chase on the roofs of the train and a shootout, it is possible to take possession of the shooter's Mauser. This elite weapon is decorated with gold engravings. It is very accurate and recharges quickly.

Billy Midnight

Black Belle

Black widow Belle retired, but still can not get rid of the persecution. The Pinkerton are looking for her. Bounty hunters lined up to track her down in the swamps and shoot her. Arthur Morgan's task is to save Madame, to help her escape from her pursuers. When she leaves, there are a lot of useful things to find in her house. They will be useful in future adventures.

Black Belle

Emmet Granger

A black-faced character who kills the player and gets a revolver as a reward. The weapon is not as good as Hernandez revolver, but better than the regular models. Emmet lives on a farm and hasn't shot in a long time. He's practicing throwing knives. His ranch is located near Flat Iron Lake. First, the hero will go to clean the barn, and then a duel will take place.

Emmet Granger

Slim Grant

This is the fifth shooter, which can be reached in the fourth series of the storyline of the quest. The player returns to Valentine's saloon to meet the writer Theodore Levin, but does not find him. The disappearance of the customer leads the hero to the camp of bandits, where Arthur frees slim Grant-the fifth shooter who defected to the law. The protagonist will have to take down the entire gang, at the same time destroy Jim. Only then will the writer send him the agreed fee by mail.

Slim Grant

In search of treasure

At the beginning of the game, the gamer gets to find the treasures of Jack Hall's gang. A conversation with Máximo Cristóbal Valdespino will help you get hold of the treasure maps. The meeting will take place in the South-West direction from the Horseshoe Overlook camp. You can also find the treasure by getting the cards:
  • Poison trail-the first map is in Chapter 1, which is called "colter";
  • High hopes-a Stranger can be met by completing the tasks in Chapter 3. He walks between Wallace station and Cumberland falls;
  • Le Tresor Des Morts appears after completing the mission "to the East" in the village of Limpany;
  • Landmarks of riches – the first map is located inside the obelisk and is available after the end of the quests of the 2nd Chapter;
  • Trails of the elements-the map will appear closer to the Epilogue in the new Austin area. The body of a Stranger is suspended from a tree. After breaking the rope, the player will get the first card.
Jack Hall's first treasure map is purchased from a Stranger for $ 10. Finding treasures brings the player a significant income.

Behind the dinosaur bones

The Stranger's cart is located in the Flatneck desert, where an archaeological dig is being conducted. It is located directly above the site. The "Test of faith" mission is to deliver dinosaur bones, for which Arthur will receive a reward from a paleontologist.

mission bones in RDR 2


The "Idyll for Amateurs" mission involves searching for a photographer's bag stolen by a wild coyote. The stranger is in the middle of the trees southwest of Riggs station. He is a nature photographer.

Break up a fight between two brothers will be in Chapter 4. Relatives grappled outside a store in Valentine because of a lady of the heart, which they have one for two. A fun quest complements the "Golden cage" mission.

Here comes show business!

Arthur meets a Stranger in the Van Horn Trading Post saloon. From this moment, a series of quests begins with the participation of guest artists. He will search for stolen recordings of the second show, get acquainted with the members of the troupe.

In the 3rd Chapter, Arthur finds a destroyed circus booth. A female animal fighter sits in Lemoyne state, South of the emerald ranch. The mission is to find and return the scattered animals.


A stranger raising funds to expand the memorial hall needs to donate $ 20,000 to increase The honor rating. A woman collects alms in the Northwest of Saint Denis.

Jeremiah Compson a homeless and drunk drifter sits on a bench at Rhodes ' Train Station. Arthur must agree to find his personal belongings. Next to the railway tracks in the same area, Arthur meets two escapees from prison fighting. They need new clothes. The hero decides to help the poor people.

Jeremiah Compson
The "true love Story" mission ends in Chapter 3. The hero will find a stolen van with medicines. A stranger is sitting outside a Church in Rhodes.

Helping a monk collect donations in the Eastern part of Saint-Denis increases the rating on the honor scale.

Helping a scientist

The quest is available in Chapter 4. A stranger named Marko Dragic is walking in the Saint Denis Park. After the first meeting, Arthur gets the task to test the control of a military boat. By hitting targets with torpedoes, the player will get the achievement "Artificial intelligence". The second task will take place in the scientist's laboratory. It is located in the area of mount Rionet.

Marko Dragic
The mission is only available at night. In the laboratory, the hero will help the scientist launch the equipment, revive the robot. The main events of the quest will unfold after the tragic death of Dragic. In the lab, you need to search for his 2 letters, which will determine the next steps.

Where else to look for strangers?

The locations of Strangers are scattered all over the map. Quests are activated after meetings:
  • with the "Night gang" (it's a Great night for them, Stranger) at night on the Bluewater Marsh;
  • with Francis Sinclair sitting on the porch of a cabin (Northwest of Strawberry). It activates the "Rock paintings" quest;
  • with a traveler who asks in exchange for a horse potion to help him collect herbs. The link to the Stranger is right above the letter L in the name Heartlands;
  • with a stranger activating 13 locations of the "fish Catcher" mission, the hero will meet in the Southeast of the Flatneck station, on the pier between Flatneck and Rhodes;
  • with collector Algernon Wasp, finding bird feathers and orchids can earn $ 750. He lives in the house behind the Blue Hotel (North Saint Denis);
  • with war veteran Hamish Sinclair, who will help Arthur get a strong horse, boar Fang. The stranger is sitting leaning against a rock near lake O'creagh's Run (a landmark – he is missing one leg).
When Arthur approaches the object that activates the side quest, the task is colored white. If you ignore the strangers ' missions in rdr 2, they will disappear after a while.

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