Where to find tailors in RDR 2

Tailor in RDR 2
If you need to buy an unique costume in Red Dead Redemption 2, don't look for it in a regular clothing store. To do this, you need to contact the tailor. There are two of them in the game: one can be found in Saint-Denis, the other in Blackwater. They don't offer the additional accessories or clothing parts. They offer several original models, and not all of them are available at the very beginning of the game. In addition to the fact that it is very expensive, for some you need to achieve a certain skills, and only then the player will be able to purchase them. How to find these masters of sewing - will indicate the map below.


Tailor in Saint-Denis
Tailor in Saint-Denis detailed map


Tailor in Blackwater
Tailor in Blackwater detailed map

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