All cigarette cards in RDR 2

Сigarette card location map
The game Red Dead Redemption 2 has 144 cigarette cards. To complete the additional mission "Smoking and other Hobbies", you will need to find them all. To complete the game, you will need only one set, which consists of 12 cards.

In general, in the game can be found 12 sets, each of them includes 12 cards. After accepting the "Smoking and other Hobbies" mission in Chapter No2, cards will start appearing. Some can be found in Blackwater and New Austin, but the difficulty is that the first of them is under the protection of bounty hunters, and it will be so until the story is passed.

During the game, you can find cards in premium cigarette packs, if you have a certain amount of luck. But this is more of an added bonus than the main goal of the search. To collect all 144 cards, you need to search for them in specific places, and randomly obtained identical copies can be sold through buyers of stolen goods and thus earn a little money.


  1. Famous shooters
  2. Artists
  3. American Attractions
  4. Beauty gems
  5. Flora of America
  6. Stage stars
  7. Fauna of America
  8. Wonders of travel
  9. World Champions
  10. Amazing inventions
  11. Horses
  12. Americans

When to start searching

Immediately after the "Who is without sin" mission, the cigarette card detection mission is activated. You will need to find a person at the train station, listen to their story about their collection, and after finding all the kits, send them cards to the postal service.

Mission Smoking and other Hobbies
mission Map

Where to start searching

It is best to start searching in the North-Western part of the map and move to the nearest locations with minimal time spent on the journey.

1 - Card 12 (collection of the Artists)

Automatically issued after the mission is accepted

Card 12 Artists

2 - Card 3 (the collection of Famous shooters)

On the left side of the window inside the hut

Card 3 Famous arrows

3 - Card 10 (World Champions collection)

On the table in the hut

Card 10 world Champions

4 - Card 8 (collection of Beauty Gems)

On the table in the hut

Card 8 beauty Gems

5 - Card 2 (World Champions collection)

On the window in the hut

Card 2 World Champions

6 - Card 11 (World Champions collection)

On the window in the hut

Card 11 world Champions

7 - Card 10 (collection of the Artists)

On the tea table outside the front door

Card 10 Artists

8 - Card 1 (a collection of Famous shooters)

In the cemetery, on a rounded tombstone

Card 1 Famous shooters

9-Card 9 (collection of Amazing inventions)

In the salon, on the ground floor, in a window that looks out on the street

Card 9 Amazing inventions

10 - Card 7 (the collection of Stage stars)

In a cart near a tree, behind

Card 7 Stage stars

11 - Card 9 (collection of the Stage stars)

In the show tent under the projector

Card 9 Stage stars

12 - Card 11 (collection - the gems of beauty)

In the barn, in a window on the top floor

Card 11 Beauty Gems

13-Card 9 (collection of American Attractions)

In the center of the station on the table

Card 9 (collection of American Attractions

14 - Card 7 (the collection of the Horses)

In the chimney in the house

Horses card 7

15 - Card 10 (collection of the Horses)

In a second floor barn in a haystack

Horses Card 10
When the search is complete, all 144 cards will need to be sent to the quest creator.

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