To increase the level of weapon using in RDR 2

Improved shooting skill in RDR 2
The game Red Dead Redemption 2 is famous not only for its interesting storyline and huge game world. Here the main character has access to various types of weapons. Some of them are more suitable for short-range combat, and some are better used for shooting the enemy at long distances. Each instance in the combat Arsenal has its own unique characteristics, and therefore it is sure to find something that can satisfy any player.

If we talk about firearms, it is worth remembering that they are subject to wear and tear, and they need to be constantly cared for. In addition, the game has the ability to improve it. To do this, you need to buy improved versions of handles, sights, and more in gun stores.

Weapon Upgrade in RDR 2
But this is not the only way to upgrade your Arsenal. The player can also do this by increasing the level of weapon handling. Few people still know about this method, despite the fact that RDR 2 has been pleasing its fans for years.

The more often the weapon is used, the better Arthur's handling skills become, and, accordingly, the characteristics of the weapon itself also improve. Over time, the accuracy will increase significantly, as well as the recharge speed will increase. At first, it will not be felt much during shooting. But everything comes with experience, including experience with Arsenal, and improvements will be noticeable after a while. The same principle of upgrade, by the way, works in Red Dead Online.

Weapon Improvement in RDR 2
However, it is not necessary to start with shooting passers-by to achieve this goal. This is illegal, and the main character may be hunted by the police. You can train on wild animals, for example, on deer. This will not cause any disagreements with the city authorities. In order to quickly upgrade your skill, you can choose larger animals, such as bears or alligators.

There is another way to avoid getting into trouble with the law - to participate in a bounty hunt and shoot bandits and other scum of society. As soon as the game will be able to pass such a mission, you must agree. You can clean out entire shelters of bandits, in this case you can shoot from the heart. And if you want to earn more money, you should not shoot at people, but at their weapons. For the living, the reward is higher.

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