How to communicate with a giant in RDR 2?

Giant's Cave in RDR 2
Many fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 have long known that on the top of mount Sean, if desired, you can find the remains of Bigfoot. But few people know that in the game you can find a real giant and even communicate with him. It remains only to find out where to look for it.

Search for the giant in RDR 2
Unfortunately, you will not be able to see the giant himself. But it is quite possible to enter into a short dialogue with him. But before the player will have this opportunity, you will need to explore at least 30 representatives of the local animal world. Only then will the giant's voice be heard.

Map of the giant's cave in RDR 2
After completing the animal research, the main character will need to go to the East of the Wapiti Indian reservation, which can be found North of the Bacchus railway station. First you need to find Alpine goats grazing by the river. After that, you need to follow a flock of birds to the mountain.

Talk to the giant in RDR 2
On the approach to the mountain, you will find a cave filled with rocks and large boulders. Once near it, Arthur will hear the giant's voice. He will want to make friends with the main character. To make the fairy-tale creature talk, you can come to the same cave in three days. The giant will be more sociable and even tell a little about himself. Interesting Easter eggs, which is worth the time.

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