Where to find a robot and inventor in RDR 2?

Inventor Marco Dragic in RDR 2
In the 19th century, as well as in the early 20s, the science fiction genre became very popular. This was due to the fact that this period was the peak of innovative achievements in industry and science.

Of course, Rockstar Games could not ignore this fact, because just two years before the events in Red Dead Redemption 2, the novel "War of the worlds" was written under the authorship of H. G. wells. The result of the creative idea of the developers was the appearance in the game of the scientist Marko Dragik and his invention-a robot.

You can start completing a mission with a scientist only after reaching the fourth Chapter of the main scenario. It is not possible to do this before.

Where to find an inventor in RDR 2

The hero of the game needs to go to Saint-Denis in the East of the map. In the South-Western part of the city there is a picturesque Park with a lake. On the Eastern side, right on the beach, sits Marco Dragic, a very dissatisfied scientist who has a task in store for Arthur Morgan.

A conversation with the inventor starts the mission " A Bright. Bouncing Boy». The mission is not easy, it is also quite long in time, but the interesting stages of its passage more than compensate for these disadvantages.

Where to find the inventor in RDR 2

The first part of the mission A Bright. Bouncing Boy

The main mission of the first part is to undermine the ships standing on the lake. To do this, Arthur will need a small radio-controlled ship. This is done in order to impress potential investors. This is quite simple, since the targets do not move: you need to launch torpedoes and avoid mines with magnets.

The next stage will be to bombard moving ships. This is a little more difficult than in the previous stage, but it is quite doable. As soon as this task is completed, Arthur will receive an invitation from Marco Dragic to his laboratory on Dover hill.

The second part of the mission A Bright. Bouncing Boy

The scientist's lab is located in the northeast part of the game world on Dover hill, North of Roanoke Ridge and Brandywine Drop. A mark will appear on the map immediately after the end of the first stage of the mission.

As soon as Arthur gets to the lab, dragik will ask Him to help deal with the electrical conductors, after which the scientist will provide him with detectors. The blinking of the detector is something worth paying attention to. After that, you will need to install three conductors, inserting them into the ground. After completing the preparatory stage, Arthur will have to return back to the laboratory.

The next stage is to climb to the top of the tower. There, the main character will need to lower the necessary switches, which will result in the supply of electricity. To do this, you need to solve a simple problem with three switches, namely, to determine the order in which they are turned on. It's simple: right, left, and in the middle. After that, he will need to return to the lab, and the player will need to view the cutscene.

Robot search

You can return to the lab in a couple of days. When Arthur gets there, he finds that Marco Dragic is dead and the robot is missing. You will need to take a flashlight, which will be found next to the body of the scientist, and then read the notes left in the laboratory to fully understand the course of the case.

Where to find the robot in RDR 2
Robo-killer is hiding on a mountaintop near the Spider Gorge river. You can find the place by following the map. As a result, Arthur will be able to find a robot that will be very upset about what happened and will always say the word "Dad". You can leave it there or kill it with a few shots.

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