How to save a game manually RDR 2

Manual saving in RDR 2
The game Red Dead Redemption 2 is equipped with an AutoSave function. This helps you not lose progress at the end of the next mission. However, you can also save the game manually if necessary. In which cases it is better to make saves yourself, and in which to trust the system-further on.

When you can save the game manually

There are several cases.
  1. When the player fails a mission.
  2. When no collisions occur at the time of exiting the game.
  3. When there are no side effects that require filling in the details.
How to save a game to RDR 2 manually

How to save a game manually

First you need to pause the game and go to the "History" tab. It has the ability to save, start the game from the previous save, start the game again, or exit it. A total of 15 manual saves are available in RDR 2.

Before starting a new mission, you also need to save the game so as not to lose progress. Especially if we are talking about the passage of the main story. Depending on what actions will be performed – those that affect the course of the game or do not – there should be an understanding of whether or not to spend limited manual saves. In some cases, this will be useful, for example, when you need to do something different at some point in the game.

It is also recommended to save manually on the way to the fifth Chapter and before the beginning of the epilogue. If this is not done, you may miss the moment, and some aspects of RDR 2, such as creating a gang or shelter, as well as some third-party missions, will become unavailable

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