How and why to change clothes in RDR 2

How and why to change clothes in RDR 2
The main character of Red Dead Redemption Arthur Morgan is equipped with a good wardrobe. And in some cases, the choice of clothing may be due to the events taking place, and not just the whim of the player.

Clothes in RDR 2
At the beginning of the game, Arthur has a certain amount of clothing. Sometimes a new costume can be obtained as a reward for completing a particular mission, and clothes can also be purchased in the store. Ideally, you should buy the kit right away, but it can cost$ 100 or more.

The easiest way is to change clothes in the gang camp, for this it will only be enough to look in the wardrobe. For example, at Horseshoe Overlook camp, it can be found next to Morgan's sleeping place.

Clothing in camp in RDR 2
Especially carefully it is necessary to approach the choice of clothing in conditions of changing temperatures. A description for each set can be found in the menu. If the choice is made in accordance with the weather situation, Arthur's health will not be in danger. At the beginning of the game, Arthur will spend more time in cold regions, and the clothes should be appropriate. And, of course, after moving to a warmer region, the set of clothes will need to be changed to a lighter one.

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