Multiplayer modes in Red Dead Online

Multiplayer modes in Red Dead Online
In Red Dead Online, there are several multiplayer modes. We are talking about competitive moments designed for a group of players.
  • Hostile Territory - battle for territory: a certain area of the map is captured by the player and protected from the encroachments of opponents.
  • Make It Count - battle in a territory that gradually decreases in size. What is noteworthy is that either throwing knives/hatchets or a bow and arrow are available from weapons.
  • Most Wanted - here everyone is for himself. The more people a character kills, the more points the player who defeats them gets in the end.
  • Name Your Weapon - similar to the previous one-everyone fights for themselves. And the more difficult it will be to kill from the selected weapon, the more points the player gets for killing.
  • Shootout – again, every man for himself, the role is played only by the number of broken fragments.
  • Team Shootout – shootouts, but this time in a team. Two teams come together in a battle against each other, for each enemy killed, points are obtained.
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