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We are doing our best to fulfil data about game in synchronization with its' actualization. We are working hard to answer all most frequently asked questions. Despite Spin Tires' minimalism, people are often troubled by different game's aspects, be it bugs or questions regarding gameplay. On our scramble wiki we have pages necessary to answer most of them.

Spin Tires Wiki - faq and solutions
Quiet often people are encountering issues with game's controls. No wonder they do, since Spin Tires provides no in-game control scheme. Please, care to visit our "Spin Tires 2014 controls" page.

Recently, Spin Tires were introduced with, popular nowadays in different games, achievements system. If you like getting top scores in games, getting medals and commendations, well, then you will surely like this system and you should consider visiting "Achievements in Spin Tires 2014".

The most frequent bug people happen to experience is the infamous "Black screen" bug. Very nasty one, as it doesn't even let you grasp a small piece of a game. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is explained in another page "Spin Tires 2014. Black screen - What to do?"

A time, when one gets bored of a game always comes. Sometimes it happens immediately (it means a game just isn't for you), sometimes after a significant time lapse. In the latter case consider checking out numerous mods. Unfortunately, developers didn't provide Spin Tires with built-in modding support system, and the process of mod installation takes some time (unless you are using our auto-installer). Visit our "How to install mods on Spin Tires" page for instructions.

Not everyone owns a license copy of a game, due to different reasons some prefer to use a pirated version of the game. It is a well-known fact, that pirated games have huge issues with playing them online. In case of Spin Tires, however, there is a workaround. Go to "How to play online in SpinTires 2014" to find out more.

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