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SpinTires XML
XML files are files that describes the properties and behavior of XML processes for the program reading the file. In our case, such a program is SpinTires. The XML markup for the convenience and avaliable Unicode has received the widest distribution in a great many areas of programming.

Any truck in SpinTires uses wheels. All wheels classes are approved in this template:

Friction="Highway / Default / Offroad / Chained"

Mass="Light / Medium / Heavy / Superheavy"

Mesh="[mesh wheel]"

Radius="[radius of wheel]"

Softness="Stiff / Average / Soft"

Tracks="Media\textures\tracks(offroad / default) or own texture"

Width="[width of wheel]"


As you can see, the parameters of Friction, Mass and Softness are enumerations (in the previous version they were numeric values).

Options, which was also, the former numerical values in previous versions of SpinTires Editor:

Friction="Highway": rigid friction = "1.5", substance friction = "0.25"

Friction="Default": rigid friction = "1.25", substance friction = "0.75"

Friction="Offroad": rigid friction = "1.0", substance friction = "1.25"

Friction="Chained": rigid friction = "0.5", substance friction = "2.5"

Rigid body friction is the friction of the wheels on hard surfaces like asphalt. Substance friction is the friction of the wheels on the soft surfases like dirt and mud. Numbers shown above are variable values and serve to you could imagine the value of options transfers.

Mass="Light": mass of wheel body = "50"

Mass="Medium": mass of wheel body = "100"

Mass="Heavy": mass of wheel body = "200"

Mass="Superheavy": mass of wheel body = "600"

And again variable values and objects. Please note that the option to change the added mass of the wheels is disabled. Only the parameters of mass, mentioned above, are perceived correctly by the game engine SpinTires.

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