How to increase traffic in American Truck Simula

How to increase traffic in American Truck Simulator
Driving across the virtual vastness of America, have you noticed a very few other cars that you met on the way? If not, then I congratulate you - you are one of the few. But at the same time, a huge number of American Truck Simulator fans asking the question "How to make more traffic in ATS?" But there are those with weak computers which does not allow to fully enjoy the game. Found out that reducing the amount of traffic can solve their problem, they turn to the Internet with the different question: "How to reduce traffic in ATS?" In any case, meet the next article from our American Truck Simulator knowledge base, devoted to the density of the traffic in ATS.

Increased traffic in American Truck Simulator

Increase traffic
The easiest way to increase the amount of traffic in the game is a special mod that you can find on our websiteare in no time, under "Mods American Truck Simulator". Install mod and enjoy a huge congestion at the traffic lights and reducing the speed on the highways as your heart desires. Just remember that installing this mod will seriously affect game performance. By the way, that's the mod. Your welcome.

Reducing traffic in American Trcuk Simulator

Reducing traffic
You probably won't be surprised if we tell you that the best (and perhaps only) way to reduce traffic in ATS is, who would have thought, to install a special mod! And of course, this mod is already available at our website. You will be able to find it at this page. Download, install and enjoy the wonderful gameplay of American Trcuk Simulator, even if your computer was released in the last Millennium.

I hope this article was useful for you. Look into our American Trcuk Simulator's knowledge base to be aware of all the secrets and problems of our beloved game.

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