Easy money in ATS

American Truck Simulator
American Truck Simulator is one of the best simulation games ever came into the field of view of our Research Department. The game is very similar to its predecessor Euro Truck Simulator 2. The player will have to actually test the legendary American trucks, delivering various cargos across sunny California and the desert of Nevada. In order to buy new trucks, you will need money and this guide will help you to earn them quickly and easily.

Easy money in American Truck Simulator

Money in ATS
You can spend money in ATS to purchase new trucks and hire drivers to operate them. There are many ways of earning money in the game, but today we will show you one very effective method, which, moreover, is not a cheat, if that matters. Use our advice and you'll be able to get easy money in American Truck Simulator. And, as a consequence, to build your own huge trucking Empire and become a true king of the highways of California and Nevada. Just be careful! Too easy getting in-game items rather adversely affects the interest in the game. If you do not fear that from easy money you will become boring to play in American Truck Simulator, read on.

Fast money

Hired drivers ATS
The obvious way to earn quick money in American Truck Simulator is using a cheats for ATS, but we have an alternative. So, the method is the following: we will slightly cheat the mechanics of the game, speeding up the profits from hired drivers. You'll need two garages located on opposite ends of the map, and as many employed drivers as possible, with their trucks, of course. When all your drivers are going to deliver their cargoes start to move between the garages, with the help of Garage Manager. Since your garage is located far away from each other, then it'll take significant time to move between them, and which your employees will have time to deliver the cargo and transfer you your percentage. The more drivers, the more you will get.

I hope that this article helped you earn more money in American Truck Simulator. Stay tuned to our website, so you'll never miss anything important.

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